We are LIVE and shipping to Canada!

We are SO excited to announce that our International Outlet is now LIVE and offering shipping to Canada! We are waiting on DHL to get back to us so that we can ship to the rest of the world (and offer more shipping options to our fans in Canada). I promise to post an update as soon as we are truly set up to ship internationally!

I'm so excited about this site. For one thing, we have a ton of Canadian fans who, until today, could not purchase our yarn in Canada, and could only shop our seconds store. Canadian fans, you can still do that at www.roundmountainfibers.com. But NOW, you can purchase ALL of Round Mountain Fibers products directly from us! 

For a while, I tried to reach out to Canadian LYSs (We are exclusively a wholesale business in the US, limiting our offerings to 75 Local Yarn shops in the US), but the exchange rate made it really difficult for Local Yarn Shops in Canada to carry our yarns. So I decided to take the leap, and do retail for the international market. 

A big thank you to all of our wonderful Canadian fans. This is for you!


Monica MacNeille

Monica MacNeille